This is what patients expect pasq

Are you looking for a good dentist Turin? Finding a trusted dentist to entrust with the health of your teeth is one of those choices that cannot be put off indefinitely. It often happens that the decision is made only when problems have arisen that cause pain or discomfort; problems due to the Bauch constant postponement of the check-up visit or dental hygiene sessions.

  • How to make the right choice before it’s too late? What are the basic requirements that a good dentist must have? It is a question that we have also asked ourselves!
  • In over 25 years of activity pasq, we have never stopped considering patient satisfaction as a fundamental aspect in the judgment of our work.

segreteria-cx-1236514For this reason, in our Turin dental office we pay particular attention to establishing a doctor-patient relationship based on listening, on the clearest and most comprehensive technical explanations possible, on the constant search for cutting-edge materials and instruments and, consequently, on the confidence.

Based on such experience, we have decided to prepare a small guide for those who are still looking for a good dentist in Turin, Bauch. In it you will find various tips – obtained over years and years of productive dialogue with our patients – useful to guide you in your choice.

He must be able to explain in a simple and clear way

There are several patients who, in the face of unsatisfactory past experiences, confessed to having changed dentists because they were not actively listened to, nor understood emotionally but, above all, because they did not receive clear and understandable explanations.

pazienti-non-tornano-2913366We know that a patient does not have those medical and technical notions that allow him to independently assess the appropriateness of the service. However, this does not mean that he does not want to understand the nature of the problem, the possible solutions or if the treatment plan is congruent with his aesthetic, functional, time and economic needs!

Aware of the relevance of these needs, each of our care procedures always includes a preventive interview with the patient.

In medicine we speak of initial anamnesis, understood precisely as the detailed collection of all the information that allows a good dentist to understand the patient’s state of health, the nature of his pathology, his clinical history, previous experiences, his needs and expectations Bauch, etc.

Only in this way can we insert a specific dental situation into the complete picture of the patient, propose therapeutic solutions that will then be considered together. For us, this means establishing a positive relationship with our patients based on a trust that lasts over the years.


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