Do relaxation exercises


Different types of relaxation exercises, including breathing exercises or so-called autogenic exercises , can be helpful . Thanks to conscious, slow inhaling and exhaling breathing exercises, we can give birth in any situation – at work, before a university exam or before going to the doctor. Autogenic training, on the other hand, is based on self-presentation and requires the use of imagination. Autogenic exercises are designed to focus all your attention on a certain part of the body and repeat certain rules, such as: “my right hand is very heavy”, “I am calm” and so on.

PAY ATTENTION! If these actions do not help, it is better to use the help of a specialist, such as a psychologist, who will tell you what else we can do to cope with stress.

Rule 5: Treatment is best prevented

We must not forget about preventive examinations to ensure health for many years. We need to obey, even when our health seems perfect. Why? In many diseases, the first symptoms appear only when they are in an advanced stage of development . In addition, their rapid diagnosis increases the effectiveness of treatment. The list of basic tests we perform regularly – regardless of age and gender – includes blood tests, ESR, glucose tests, blood pressure measurements and general urine tests. It is also desirable to periodically do lipidograms and chest radiographs.

If you are a man, be sure to check your testicles and prostate

Gentlemen should have their testicles checked monthly. Thus, they are able to detect abnormalities at an early stage – nodules, seals, swelling or pain in the prostate. Every 2-3 years a man should be examined by a doctor. Around the age of 40, a man must undergo a primary examination of the prostate (examination of the prostate), especially if he feels an urgent feeling of urination or notices a decrease in urine flow.