Basic principles


Meetings are not promotional. Most of the educational meetings organized by Jansen are focused on therapeutic areas, rather than specific drugs. Only international non-proprietary drug names (INN) are used and opinions on individual treatment are balanced and accurate.

The program. The content and agenda of the meeting are developed by external and independent scientific committees and / or medical associations. It is up to them to choose topics with high educational potential and people who teach private lessons. Speakers are responsible only for the content of their presentations, and we check them only to ensure that the information about our products is up-to-date, accurate and balanced.

Conflict of interest. All speakers must announce which pharmaceutical companies they have hired as speakers, advisory committee members, participants, and so on.   

Meeting formula. Meetings will be of a scientific nature, which should be reflected in their program. The location should be business-like, and the meeting should be simple and subordinate to the main purpose of the meeting. The duration of the content part of the meeting significantly exceeds the duration of breaks. We do not provide entertainment.

External inspection. We work in partnership with independent external educational institutions at the national and European levels to ensure high standards of education and training. We, together with the director of the Institute of Karolïnsk adult education programs made by independent scientific committees meeting will ensure effective compliance with the principles of adult learning in order to attract participants . All meetings are based solely on educational goals set by independent scientific committees.

  • Personal support. – We allow representatives of medical specialties to participate in conferences and meetings. In many countries, health workers are required to continue their training with current medical knowledge, but often without government support.

Jansen, along with other pharmaceutical companies, takes some responsibility for this. The process of selecting health professionals is very transparent and is based on their educational needs or active participation in a particular meeting or event.

In some countries, health professionals are required to contribute to their professional development, and Jansen follows national laws. In other countries, it is necessary to notify the relevant government agencies to approve the participation of health professionals in conferences. Jansen follows the same rules.

We believe that the methods that support professional development programs meet the expectations of public transparency. In addition, they promote the exchange of scientific experience and dissemination of knowledge to increase the effectiveness of treatment of patients.