In colloquial language, health is often defined as the normal state or absence of a disease or its symptoms. In order to   Such conditions are sufficient for everyday communication needs. However, he wants to use them strictly    After consideration, this may not be easy. After all, the concept of “state”    “correct” or “normal”. Therefore, experts believe that it is necessary to create a dynamic definition,    positive and optimistic, as well as objective and subjective aspects of health.

This is often in line with the theory of the World Health Organization (WHO ) : “ Health is not just a disadvantage, illness or disability, but physical, mental and social well-being. Other definitions define health as a person’s overall potential or ability to adapt well environment, emergency response.

In the modern concept of health care, it is defined as a value that a person or group can achieve fulfill their life aspirations and change the environment. Health is also understood as wealth a society that guarantees its social and economic development. It also works as a means of daily life, or good quality. Given a whole or complex concept of health, we can distinguish it  the following four dimensions:

  • Physical health – the proper functioning of the body and its systems and organs;
  • Mental health and its health:

mind – the ability to think clearly and logically,

emotional health – the ability to recognize emotions and adequately express them; skill overcoming stress, tension, depression and anxiety;

  • Social health – the ability to maintain good relationships with other people and perform roles social;
  • Spiritual health – in some people it is associated with religious beliefs, in others

maintaining internal peace (Voynarovka, Sokolivka, 2000).

The figure below shows the percentage effect of health factors on Lalonde (1974) .


Prevention (prevention, prophylaxis) is all measures that prevent the appearance and / or development of negative behavior, conditions or phenomena in a certain population. The main task of these events    to counter future threats (including diseases) that may arise or worsen perhaps. Preventive measures are aimed at reducing the likelihood of these dangers and preserving the dance