Patient safety


The World Health Congress was held in March of this year in Chantilly, France. It was attended by health professionals from the European Union, the United States, Australia and Canada.

Many detailed topics were discussed during the meeting, but all reports included the following:

  • the key role of patient safety through procedures;
  • changing attitudes to the problem of aging as an opportunity to develop health care;
  • a change in the way the patient interacts, while the patient interacts with the doctor as an equal participant in the provision of medical care, which can be considered a new trend in health care.

This rule is summarized in English:

Talk, or talk:

  • Speak: If you have questions or concerns, you have the right to know them.
  • Pay attention to the care provided to you.
  • Learn about your illness, research, or treatment.
  • Ask a family member or friend to be your lawyer.
  • Find out what medication you are taking and why.
  • Use the resort where the evaluation rules apply (accreditation, etc.).

Participate in all decisions related to your health.

Uwe Reinhardt and Princeton (USA) presented to the Congress five laws regulating health care, formulated by a Chinese sage:

  1. Everywhere and always people complain about medical services.
  2. The level of complaints is very weakly related to the amount of money spent on health care in a particular country.
  3. It is always and everywhere necessary to reform the health care system.
  4. Not all health care reforms have been successful.
  5. Health ministers around the world must have done something terrible in the past because they were sentenced to become health ministers.