Coronavirus treatment: complete COVID-19


The period of reproduction of the virus is usually the first week of the disease. Patients require hospitalization to provide oxygen therapy, prevention of thromboembolic changes, and antiviral therapy.

Therapy: The main treatment includes remdesivir (intravenous, once daily loading dose: first day loading dose: 200 mg, then maintenance dose: 100 mg for 4 days) and / or restorative plasma (200-400 ml compatible ABO group). Patients who recover from plasma transfusions perform procedures such as treatment with other blood products)

Supportive care includes low-molecular-weight heparins (prophylactic or therapeutic doses), dexamethasone (4 mg orally or intravenously from day 2 to day 5 of remdesivir in patients receiving remdesivir and oxygen therapy, until the end of week 2). Avoid “cytokinin rush”, possibly antibiotic therapy, symptomatic treatment, oxygen therapy, hydration (orally or intravenously).

REMDESIVIR, Heparin, Dexamethasone

Remdersivir is an antiviral drug used to treat Ebola and Marburg. It also has antiviral activity against other single-stranded RNA viruses such as RSV virus, Junin virus, Lassa virus, Nipah virus, Hendra virus, and coronaviruses (e.g., MERS and SARS viruses).

igh doses of low molecular weight heparins are used in the treatment of active thrombotic diseases and in small doses to prevent thrombosis. Dexamethasone has strong and long-lasting anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effects. In June, the University of Oxford published the results of a study showing that it is effective in alleviating the complex respiratory complications associated with COVID-19 by inhibiting harmful overactivity of the immune system.