Advanced training programs for medical professionals



We believe that supporting and sponsoring in-service training programs for health professionals is part of a sense of responsibility for the drugs we develop. By disseminating knowledge about diseases and the latest standards of patient care, such initiatives contribute to the development of medical practice and increase the effectiveness of patient treatment, which in turn brings long-term benefits to society.

By organizing professional development programs, we seek to support valuable and open educational initiatives organized jointly with the medical community, thus creating a favorable environment for the discussion of new medical advances in various contexts, from international conferences to small educational meetings. In accordance with our strict guidelines, these meetings will be objective in nature and will be conducted in accordance with specific procedures that define our relationship with medical professionals and the medical community and institutions.

Jansen’s professional development activities are strictly regulated and fully transparent. There are three types of professional development programs:

  1. Conference Support – We provide financial support in the form of grants and sponsorships for national and European conferences. We believe that such events provide health care organizations with important information about the medical advances needed to improve the quality of patient care.

The educational activities we support should promote the exchange of scientific experience and the latest medical standards of care to improve the safety and effectiveness of medicines. Some meetings of this type must be approved by the accreditation body, while others do not agree. In both cases, we use the same quality standards. At the local level, Jansen complies with national regulations on accreditation of activities and their coordination with relevant government agencies.

  1. Medical education programs – we support medical events and educational initiatives organized in collaboration with independent experts and in accordance with the strict rules applicable in our company. Our policy is based on the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) guidelines for the promotion and interaction of prescription drugs among health professionals, as well as specific national codes and regulations. From the above criteria, we select and apply restrictions.