The purpose of the center is to provide medical services to drug addicts and their families. The Center provides free health care services financed from the budget to the insured and other persons legally entitled to these benefits.

The tasks of the Center include:

  • provision of inpatient and round-the-clock health services, except for inpatient and outpatient services:
  • treatment of alcohol withdrawal syndromes;
  • psychotherapy of addiction and co-dependence;
  • provision of rehabilitation and rehabilitation services to family members of drug addicts;
  • dissemination of preventive and educational effects through the implementation of medical services related to addiction;
  • study of problems related to dependence and joint dependence and control of problems in Opolskoye voivodeship;

Improving the work of drug treatment facilities in Opolskoye Voivodeship; professional development of primary health care and drug treatment staff; cooperation with other medical organizations in the field of training and advanced training of health care providers on the basis of agreed programs specified in the relevant medical agreements or contracts; implementation of prevention, health promotion and health programs; performance of tasks related to the defense of the country.

The center may engage in entrepreneurial activities in the amount specified in the charter. Medical services are provided in inpatient, round-the-clock and outpatient treatment. Patients are admitted for treatment without waiting in line. Registration of patients is carried out on a round-the-clock basis for patients in the department of abstinence from alcohol and drug treatment; during working hours on the basis of reports of the full-time department and the clinic for personal, telephone and alcohol dependence therapy; private, telephone. Patients can also register through the ICT system.

Admission to round-the-clock and round-the-clock treatment: the court in connection with the established obligation to treat drug addiction; doctor without referral to the treatment unit of alcohol withdrawal syndrome due to the threat to the life or health of the patient. After examining the patient, the attending physician sends the patient to the appropriate department.

Treatment in the department of alcohol withdrawal syndrome Treatment lasts a maximum of 10 days. At the end of the round-the-clock treatment, the patient can continue therapy in the department of narcological therapy around the clock or in the form of full-time treatment of alcohol dependence or in outpatient clinics in existing clinics. .

Treatment in the drug treatment department lasts a maximum of 56 days. During therapy, patients’ families can benefit from meetings with a therapist. Patients admitted to the clinic are admitted without a referral. Family members of patients who come to the clinic are also accepted without a referral.