The patient’s right to object to the doctor’s opinion or decision

  1. The patient or his legal representative may object to the opinion or decision of the doctor.

Note: If the doctor’s decision is unclear or in doubt, the patient has the right to request information from another specialist in a particular field or to change doctors. This is a normal procedure and should not put pressure on the patient. This is the point I and II points .

VIII. The patient’s right to respect for private and family life

  1. A patient in a health care institution has the right to personal, telephone or correspondence with other persons for persons in need of round-the-clock or day care.
  2. The patient has the right to additional nursing.

Note: In the event of an infection that poses a risk to other patients in the same center, contact isolation from the patient may be required and access to relatives and friends may be difficult for epidemiological reasons, otherwise. This always means that a decision in this regard against the doctor . It is always possible (or may be) to contact us by telephone, as well as the information of the attending physician or attending physician, naturally taking into account the rights of the patient referred to in paragraph II .

  1. The patient’s right to pastoral care
  2. The patient’s right to keep valuables

Note: All comments are written by dr hab. Tomasz Jastrzebski, MD, and this is the result of his experience and analysis of the situation in this area. They are also his personal opinions and do not affect legal interpretations or other agreements made by other people.