There are few strokes in the internal medicine department


The improvement in the quality of treatment of stroke patients can be seen in the WOW analysis of the National Health Fund. If we compare 2015-2020, there is an increase in the number of hospitalizations in stroke units (from 57% in 2015 to 70% in 2019 and 67% last year), as well as patients treated in the internal medicine department (from 20% in 2015 to last year). Up to 9%). This is good news, because only a few years ago, patients were often admitted to the internal medicine department.

However, it is in the “stroke” that the patient can receive highly specialized care. There is nothing wrong with these results, because if the hospital prescribes a treatment called “Impactbed” , the patient should really beat it.  Despite the pandemic, the positive trend is to maintain a reduction in the treatment of stroke patients in medical units. In 2020, the number of strokes diagnosed in the neurology and stroke departments was slightly lower than in 2019 (6645 in 2019 – 6440 in 2020), but more patients with stroke were still treated than in previous years.

The importance of thrombolytic therapy is growing

The popularity of modern treatment methods in Greater Poland – thrombolysis and thrombectomy – is constantly growing from year to year. They are used in patients with stroke . Statistically, this is about 80%. All stroke cases are in Poland, but in Greater Poland this figure is 88% in 5 years. Specialist treatment can be used only in the acute phase of stroke, so the most important thing for patients is the time to get help. Thrombolysis is the introduction of a substance that dissolves blood clots to prevent blood flow, and thromectomy removes them mechanically.

In 2019, thrombolytic treatment was reported in 1,016 hospitals, which is 19% more than in 2018 and 65% more than in 2015 . In turn, in 2020 – the total number of strokes was low – 945 such hospitals were reported. included. The increasing importance of this method in the treatment of patients with ischemic stroke is also reflected in the average monthly monthly thrombolysis. In 2015, this was 51 cases, in 2020-80, and the highest – in the previous year, it was 85.