How to take care of your health and the health of your loved ones – the rules of the home screen


For several years, various organizations have been conducting activities aimed at ensuring the safety of children and adolescents on the Internet. Previously, their effects were mainly aimed at helping young people understand that no one is hidden on the Internet, and that someone can imagine themselves as a completely different person.

On the virtual side, they tried to focus on how dangerous they could be and how it could affect their real lives. However, today one of the risk factors for family problems is the use of only displays. Common cases of network dependence. How to deal with such behavior of children and adolescents? What can you do to prevent them from using your TV, computer or smartphone so that it endangers your health?

What is the danger of frequent use of display devices?

Excessive use of screen devices can adversely affect mental and physical health, as well as communication and social competence, as well as the difficulties that arise in everyday life. The most common physical consequences of prolonged sitting in front of a screen are outside the body and vision. It is important to remember that children who regularly see two-dimensional images have problems with the proper development of three-dimensional vision, which adapts to it as the eye grows.

Then there is an abnormal increase in vision. You can often meet 3-year-olds who can use a smartphone but can’t talk. This is due to the fact that the speech of another person is necessary for the development of speech. Seeing the tale, the child hears the words, but does not push him to say them – none of the characters expects an answer from him.

Moreover, constantly looking at the screen, he can not learn to read other people’s emotions or understand their own feelings. This often causes problems in communication between people. Direct relationships are broken, the child is unable to pay attention to what is happening around, especially the needs of others. Problems in real relationships, the child is trying to compensate for the online relationship, which means that he uses screen devices for a long time and the circle closes. Children are addicted to drugs, there are cases when they are hungry to forbid the use of telephones, televisions and the Internet, drugs. Then you need to be hospitalized in a psychiatric ward.