There is a healthy spirit in the body


No one understands that the movement has found its place in the new food pyramid proposed by the Institute of Nutrition and Nutrition! Moreover, it was placed at the bottom of the pyramid, thus giving special significance. Not only diet but also physical activity determines our health. The creators of the new pyramid decided that it should be remembered. They even changed the name of the pyramid. Today it is a pyramid of proper nutrition and physical activity.

Not just endorphins. Regular exercise has a very positive effect on every system of the body. Exercise accelerates the growth of children and supports proper bone mineralization. This makes them stronger and less prone to injury. In addition, exercise exercises make joints and ligaments more flexible, improve their mobility and strengthen muscles. Properly selected physical exercises correct physical defects and prevent their occurrence.

Exercise also causes beneficial changes in the circulatory and respiratory systems. At rest, the heartbeat (heartbeat) slows down and blood pressure drops. Also increases the total (vital) capacity of the lungs, which is the result of strengthening the respiratory muscles and improving the mobility of the chest. Regular exercise also protects the nervous system and improves neuromuscular coordination. The movements of people who exercise regularly are more precise and harmonious. Exercise has been shown to stimulate the immune system, in other words, to strengthen the immune system.