Result of drug misuse


Some of these cases require additional explanation, including the off-label application described in the second section. Such use is sometimes, but should not be a mistake. Based on his knowledge, the doctor recommends using a new drug in a different version than writing an information sheet. However, this solution is supposed to. knowledge of test results proving the safety and use of this indicator, drugs, etc. availability of proposals from the scientific community on the possibility of application. This is especially true of drug use in children.

Doctors prescribe the drug given to the child in adults on the basis of information about treatment with this drug. This is not the case, but when it is the only option for treatment and there is little information about the use of the drug in pediatrics, the decision is made on the basis of available knowledge and it is accepted.

However, in the absence of scientific reasons, the drug can not be approved for various indications. Over-the-counter use of the drug should be distinguished from non-medical use, for example, taking the drug for intoxication, ie it has nothing to do with treatment. The situation described in paragraph 6, ie the error of the drug, also needs to be clarified.

The term should be understood when a physician makes a mistake in prescribing, prescribing, or prescribing a drug that a patient uses on his or her own, or when introducing a drug into a surname.member / guardian. So we make different mistakes, for example. Exclusion of another drug from the pharmacy as a result of incorrect reading of the prescription, incorrect introduction of the drug, for example. intramuscularly, intramuscularly, error in calculating the correct dose of the drug, etc.

Therefore, the report does not include the drug correctly refers to all cases in which the patient was not harmed. The term harm also includes mild and transient symptoms such as dry mouth and liver damage, anaphylactic shock, urinary incontinence, heart failure, and many other serious drug complications.