Health care and health policy


Department of Epidemiology and Health Promotion, School of Public Health, Postgraduate Medical Center Head of the Department: prof. Dr. Hub. honey. Maria Miller 2 School of Public Health, Department of Economics, Law and Management, Medical Center for Postgraduate Education Head of Department and Director of the School: Dr. Janusz Opolski

The definitions, scope and activities of health care in Poland are presented taking into account the achievements of the World Health Organization in this field. It is shown that health care functions arise from a broad context of health determinants. The determinants of health make the multifaceted nature of health care the most characteristic feature. The strategic goals and operational goals of the National Health Program in Poland for 2008-2015 were presented as a reflection of the health policy in Poland, defining the state’s priorities in the field of health.

With the achievements of the World Health Organization, Public Health in Poland has provided information, scope and activities. It has been shown that health functions arise from the broader context of health determinants. The determinants of health are multispectral approaches to health care. A key tool in health care is epidemiology and its strategy to address health issues aimed at promoting health. The strategic goals and objectives of the National Health Program for 2008-2015 are presented as evidence of the priorities of the national health policy.

Public health, new health managers are terms that are often used by policymakers and health managers. It is seldom possible to fully understand and apply the content and scope of a practice.

The health of the population can be seen in the following ways:

  • health and health problems (for example, infectious diseases, diseases that increase mortality, environmental problems that determine the state of health, not only of the so-called natural environment, but also socio-economic, and ultimately – organizational economic health problems).
  • Methodological issues (epidemiology, sociology, economics, management).
  • strategy for solving health problems (health promotion)

Public health is sometimes understood as the state of health of the population and a set of health care measures. Health is closely linked to health policy, as it is a policy decision based on the choice of priorities and allocation of resources (14).