Physical activity and type 2 diabetes


One of the causes of type 2 diabetes is the development of insulin resistance, in which tissues cease to respond to insulin stimulation . Its appearance, among other things, contributes to overweight, especially in the form of abdominal obesity. This type of obesity increases the percentage of visceral fat, ie fat that accumulates in the abdominal cavity and prevents tissue reactions to insulin.

Regular exercise and moderate intensity can help reduce body weight and the percentage of visceral fat. As a result, insulin resistance is reduced, which improves glycemic control in patients with diabetes. In addition, patients who are physically active in the early stages of the disease or who are still diabetic sometimes prevent the full development of diabetes and avoid the need for pharmacological treatment.

Movement and cancer

It is now known that being overweight and obese, especially the type of pain, significantly increases the risk of some cancers. This is due to the negative effects of large amounts of adipose tissue on the body. Regular exercise reduces the risk of cancer. In addition, if you do not exercise at all and even slightly increase your daily activity, you will benefit from health.