Impact on public health


There is much agreement in the scientific literature that this is bad. The health of Poles is often a consequence of what is not crucial from external risk factors associated with the behavioral syndrome.

Significant health risks include:

  • low level of physical activity,
  • malnutrition,
  • smoking,
  • excessive alcohol consumption,
  • use of psychotropic substances,
  • social environment,
  • physical environment.

Lifestyle changes actually stop the transition from the initial or sometimes even more serious disorder the body becomes a full-fledged disease. This applies to both previous diabetes and diabetes itself. The problem of maintaining normal blood glucose levels is common in modern society.

Difficulties can occur at any age and affect many people

  • Factors that distinguish them are: stress, enough sleep
  • and rest, thyroid disease, low exercise and inappropriate

So what to do to avoid diet problems to keep enough sugar in the body? This is shown, In many cases, lifestyle changes are the best way. Of course, there is a change in diet. However, many people do not do this they know how to do it or do it wrong because their opinions about proper nutrition are wrong. This is due to the emergence of various myths and conflicting information on this topic weight loss and proper nutrition.

What we think we eat properly and have no problems with excess weight or other diseases, no problems can affect us by maintaining normal blood glucose levels. It is released when our body is exposed to carbon danów should activate the mechanism of glucose excretion from the blood. As long as everything works properly – we have nothing to worry about, but the problem arises when we eat such foods

The same applies to the fact that it causes constant and significant fluctuations in blood sugar levels therefore, it can bring us closer to diabetes. Such a phenomenon may lead to the development of reactive hypoglycaemia or insulin resistance, which in turn may be an earlier stage. Development of diabetes mellitus. Food consumption has a significant impact on many aspects our lives. This is directly related to what nourishes our body how we develop, what is our natural ability to fight disease, how we feel, how we work, how we look, and so on.

But In recent years, nutritionists have sounded the alarm – we eat poorly and as a result. This means that we gain weight, develop allergies and get sick.  So how to eat to keep it as long as possible health? That is, our diet should be balanced and natural processed and devoid of chemical ingredients, among which we can find food additives that give a visual appearance and improve

Taste, extend the shelf life, flake or thicken. Many of these substances can cause or exacerbate health problems – including allergic reactions, gastrointestinal problems, asthma, dermatitis, migraines and hay fever. Nutrition, as an integral part of lifestyle, directly affects our health and the state of the whole organism. So

It is important to explain and change people’s opinions about food, make the right choices and know about the effect of food on their condition. health. These principles deserve attention and vigilance in your daily life as a basis for health care.