What factors affect his condition?


People have known about the concept of health since ancient times, and its very long history was preceded by any knowledge of nature,  and causes of the disease. The first traces of the concept of health lead to the activities of ancient Greece and Hippocrates. According to his rules

Deterioration of health or well-being and illness is determined by the balance of us and what surrounds us. Thus, the external balance between a person (his personal approach    life, ie food, work and leisure) and the environment, wind, temperature, water or soil, which allows you to create and maintain internal balance). Illness, ie the lack of this balance, according to Hippocrates, poor nutrition, lack of sleep,   lack of exercise, family or social divisions.

According to the latest definition of the World Health Organization (WHO),

Health means: “complete, physical and mental well-being and not only social, but also the absence of disease or disability the structure and function of all tissues and organs are also incorrect they also provide internal balance and adaptability environmental conditions, including social conditions. Any condition other than the above is a disease that adversely affects a person’s biological condition. ”

Therefore, the WHO definition covers not only the aspect of physical well-being, but also the mental sphere,  and social, thanks to which a person is able to carry out daily life, fulfill their aspirations and cope with changing environmental conditions.

The state of human health depends on different species environmental stimulants, such as location geographical, climatic, working conditions, living conditions, show a simple relationship between health and environmental quality due to the large number of urban environmental conditions, etc. This is very difficult to determine, and often even impossible.

We can identify factors that affect human health external (exogenous) and internal (endogenous). External    The factors are the influence of a widely understood environment Human impact is observed throughout life. It includes everything these are natural components of the biosphere, such as sunlight, composition chemical and physical water, soil, air with various pollutants or wind force and direction. Other external factors are the same elements

which constitute lifestyle and quality of life, such as nutrition, activity physical culture, health, rest. Factors    internal conditions include human condition and predisposition, genetically determined. According to the theoretical model of multifactor