Health promotion


From the very morning, health has always been one of the most important values ​​that people strive for. Despite the passage of time, nothing has changed in this regard. Health is the basis for achieving life goals, tasks, desires and ambitions . It is also seen as one of the main social and economic resources, as only a healthy society can develop, live and achieve the highest quality of life.     

Throughout history, health has been determined in various ways. The most famous recognition of the World Health Organization in the field of health care in 1948 as “not only the presence or absence of disease, but also a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.” In 1986, Ottawa adopted the latest definition of health, which states that “health is a resource, personal and social potential,

one of the country’s natural resources, which determines social, economic or personal development. It is supported or harmed by political or political parties “economic, social, cultural, environmental, biological and behavioral factors, and ultimately lifestyle “. This definition clearly states that the formation of factors that affect human health (positive and negative) depends largely on the person himself. The lifestyle and health he chooses have a significant impact on his biopsychosocial status and quality of life.

Awareness of the great potential of people in maintaining and strengthening their health is one of the main tasks and at the same time a condition for the success of any action in the field of health, it is a process that improves and preserves everyone’s health to increase the effect ( Sęk 1997).

The main and necessary condition for people’s participation in strengthening behavior and refraining from harmful behavior is education of their health and the factors that determine it. In addition, the key to success in health promotion is the formation of responsibility, motivation and a positive attitude to health initiatives.

Health promotion measures, which begin in childhood and target parents, caregivers and children, achieve the best results. They can be taken in the family, in the game and educational environment, as well as in medical institutions, where employees can have a significant impact on the formation of a healthy lifestyle of patients. The main forms of health promotion are medical education, as well as planning and implementation of various preventive measures.