Factors affecting health


The main factors affecting health:

  • biological conditions,
  • environmental conditions,
  • Lifestyle,
  • Health care.

This is a very simple division, it does not talk about the relationship of these factors. For example: a person with a poor lifestyle (lack of physical activity, poor nutrition), but living in an environment and with good biological conditions, may have better health (pollution) than a person who takes care of himself, but lives in a worse situation . The concept of health is also very subjective, because someone may feel good, but at the same time there are cases when they do not even know about them. Many scales have been developed to measure health. Everyone has their limits of subjectivity, which I have already mentioned.

Subjective well-being and health

There is also the concept of well-being, which is more subjective than health, but reflects the essence of a correct understanding of the concept of health.The difference between health and disease is wrong. The patient’s good mental state and social well-being maintain the balance of the disease or may even resist it. On the other hand, mental problems or social isolation can cause a person to become ill, even if he or she is fully fit.

There are also diseases for which there is no rational explanation yet – for example, phantom pain, ie pain that does not hurt the limb (often after amputation). So, health is not just the complete absence of illness or disability. This is a very complex concept.

Health care

By definition, health care is the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life, and promoting health through organized effort and the conscious choice of society, organizations, public and private communities, and individuals. Institutions such as the Ministry of Health, the General Pharmaceutical Inspectorate or the National Health Fund Plan are responsible for implementation as well as for public health surveillance.