What is health?


Health – as defined by the World Health Organization – is complete physical, mental and social well-being. In recent years, this definition has been supplemented not only by the spiritual dimension, but also by the ability to lead a productive social and economic life. Health is a very big problem.

Types of health

To better understand this concept, it can be divided into many smaller areas. Among the types of health are:

Physical health – the proper functioning of the body, its systems and organs. Physical health also speaks to the balance between anabolic and catabolic processes. When there are no pathological processes (diseases) and its elements work properly, the body is considered physically healthy. You don’t have to be very good to be healthy;

Mental health – we divide them into two types – emotional and mental:

  • emotional health – an emotionally healthy person can recognize and name emotions. He can also express them accordingly. He does so in accordance with social rules and norms. Mental health is also associated with maintaining mental balance, including emotion management – the ability to cope with stress, tension, fear, depression, anger, aggression and other emotions.
  • mental health – refers to the proper functioning of thought processes. It shows the ability to think logically and clearly. Mental health is associated with the proper functioning of the nervous system, in particular the central nervous system;

Social health – indicates the possibility of adaptation in the group. This applies to a person’s ability to establish, maintain and develop appropriate relationships with other people or animals;

Spiritual health is a way of expressing one’s faith and religious experience depending on one’s faith. These rules show how to show a personal set of behaviors and ways to achieve inner peace and balance. There are many ways to achieve spiritual health. Some call spiritual health inner peace.