Narcology clinic for children and adolescents


Diagnosis of mental and behavioral disorders caused by the use of psychoactive substances, disorders of habits and motives, disorders of adaptation; provision of individual and group preventive and therapeutic services to dependent and dependent family members, children and adolescents; carrying out consultative and educational activities for family members of dependent children and adolescents – parents and guardians (joint dependents);

support the activities of primary health care facilities in the field of early diagnosis and short-term intervention and, if necessary, medical advice; cooperation with organizations and self-help groups to address addiction problems. Services are provided through consultations, visits, individual and / or group psychotherapy classes, programs. Headed by the head of the provincial center of narcology and joint narcological therapy.

The objectives of the Provincial Center for Addiction and Joint Addiction Therapy include: Perform non-medical duties recommended to the Provincial Center for Addiction and Joint Addiction Therapy, including: monitoring the availability of inpatient and round-the-clock services in the work of addiction treatment centers and the availability of outpatient services in the voivodeship for the care of alcoholics;

assessment of the quality of inpatient, round-the-clock and outpatient services of alcohol-dependent services provided in the voivodeship and preparation of related applications and proposals, including requests for professional training of employees, provide feedback on health strategies and plans; Advising on addiction treatment programs, NFZ requirements and addiction assistance standards,

Consulting medical institutions and other organizations dealing with alcohol-related issues; collection and compilation of statistics on the prevalence of alcohol dependence and related problems, as well as the implementation of methodological and organizational activities in the field of treatment of alcohol dependence in the voivodeship, as well as the analysis of these data;

Initiating and conducting activities for professional development of content employees working in drug treatment centers, including the organization of internships and training; initiate and conduct activities to enhance the professional competence of people who cooperate with addiction treatment centers in the implementation of program tasks; Cooperation with the State Agency for Alcoholism and the provincial psychiatric consultant and the provincial clinical psychology consultant

cooperation with the representative of the Voivodship Council for the prevention and solution of alcohol-related problems; Provision of health services as part of the clinic and full-time department of the Regional Center for Addiction and Addiction Therapy; making recommendations to persons who have applied for inclusion in the list of forensic experts on alcohol dependence.