Can We Resist the Side Effects of Cancer?


Prophylactic cooling pumps can be used for alopecia. This weakness can be counteracted by encouraging patients to exercise. It also helps prevent osteoporosis. Unfortunately, effective prevention has not yet been found, but there are complications that we can treat: for example, a decrease in platelet levels requires platelet preparations from blood donors .

There are no effective ways to prevent inflammation of the oral mucosa – again, we can only relieve pain and reduce the risk of infection, and if it occurs, take antibiotics or antifungal drugs. A relatively common side effect of cancer treatment is chemotherapy-induced peripheral polyneuropathy (CIPN). What symptoms are associated with its appearance? dr hab. n. honey.

Renata Zaucha: Peripheral polyneuropathy caused by cytostatics is a major clinical problem due to its prevalence, lack of standardized methods of diagnosis and control, lack of prevention and treatment. This is most often the case with platinum derivatives (cisplatin, carboplatin, oxaliplatin), taxa (paclitaxel, docetaxel, Abraxan), vinca alkaloids ( vincristine, vinblastine, vinorelbine) and hematonic ecology during treatment with thalidomide or bortezomib.

It can often be induced by other cytostatic agents and even interferon alpha. The frequency and severity of cytostatic induced peripheral neuropathy depend on the dose, schedule, duration of treatment and other predisposing factors. As for the symptoms, they mainly include sensory disturbances . Patients have a gradual deterioration, progressive, symmetrical, initially limited to the legs and arms (a sign of socks and gloves), drowsiness, tingling, tingling, burning, decreased sensation, excessive feeling of pain or altered sensation.

Subsequent loss of deep tendon reflexes may occur, indicating a much deeper damage to the sensory part of the nervous system. Symptoms of decreased or no position, vibration, touch, temperature, pressure, pain sensations are limited to the feet and hands (socks and gloves). Symptoms of movement, such as muscle weakness or decreased muscle mass (decreased leg, difficulty climbing stairs), are rare and occur after prolonged sensory symptoms.

In the most severe cases, ataxia, which indicates significant damage to the nervous system, may develop. What is the basis for CIPN support? How do you assess the possibility of the addition of fatty acids in this disease? dr hab. n. honey. Renata Zaucha: At present, there are no standard methods for the prevention, alleviation and treatment of patients with cytostatic induced peripheral neuropathy. One form of prevention is to wear tight gloves and socks during cytostatic infusion.