The right to confidentiality of related information

  1. Medical professionals are obliged to keep confidential information about the patient, especially the patient’s health.
  2. If the patient or his legal representative agrees to disclose the secret, the rule does not apply.
  3. Persons carrying out medical activities and providing medical services shall be obliged to remain confidential even after the death of the patient.

Note: Generally, information provided by health care providers to a patient and family or friends. Before performing any medical procedure (examination, treatment, etc.), the patient must inform the patient, in addition to the patient, to whom the doctor can refer during the examination. Not only family members, but also friends and neighbors often ask for information about the patient’s condition. The doctor is obliged to refuse to provide any information to the individual, if the patient does not provide it. But if such a person is indicated, the doctor will not only give him detailed information, but also allow him to understand and understand its effects.