Patients’ rights – discussion with explanations


The disease, especially cancer, makes the patient helpless when he is dependent on others and seeks treatment in different places. Diagnosis and treatment are often performed in different health centers and by different doctors. Any sick person, we all want to do it in the best, most confident and stressful way. After all, the disease itself is stressful, and exposure to stressful situations affects not only your well-being, but also the outcome of treatment.

One of the elements aimed at reducing the stress associated with diagnosis and treatment is the rights of the patient. They will also tell you what you can ask health professionals for, regardless of what services are provided. The following is a list of the patient’s rights with an explanation describing the circumstances that may arise.

  1. The patient’s right to medical care
  2. The patient has the right to medical services that meet the requirements of modern medical education.
  3. The patient has the right to provide emergency medical care as it endangers his health or life.

Explanation: Paragraph 1 states that treatment should be carried out in accordance with the latest medical knowledge, proven methods and the use of drugs currently recommended for the treatment of a particular disease and at a certain stage of its development. Diagnosis and treatment should be as soon as possible. This issue is described in more detail in the patient’s manual.