Thrombectomy is a successful test


In November 2018, the Minister of Health decided to launch a pilot program for the treatment of ischemic stroke with acute thrombectomy in the acute phase of stroke. Since July 2019, it manages Greater Poland Poznan Hospital. Heliodor Święcicki, UMP. During the period from July to December 2019, his doctors performed 93 such procedures (an average of 15 per month), and in 2020 – 210 thrombectomy, which means an increase of an average of 18 procedures per month.

Although the clinic in Poznan treats mainly patients from the Greater Poland Voivodeship, for example, until December last year, it received 20 patients from the Lubiskie Voivodeship, which did not have a thrombectomy center until November 26, 2020. From July 2019 to the end of 2020, this procedure was performed mostly in patients in the Poznan region (58% of cases).   

In the case of thrombectomy, the procedure of transfer from another hospital (74%) and emergency admission is very rare (16% of cases). The hospital in Pila distinguishes itself by participating in the procedure. During the period under review, he referred 41 patients to her, 34 of whom (83%) were eligible for thrombectomy when they underwent HED. This speed of decision-making is very important when every hour is important for a patient with a stroke.

At the end of 2020, the UMP Clinical Hospital program provider ordered most thrombectomy procedures in Greater Poland (53).What is the effect of treatment? In more than half of cases (54%) patients are discharged on an outpatient basis. Every fourth patient after thrombectomy is transferred to another hospital for further treatment. In 17% of cases, despite the operation, it was not possible to save the patient from a stroke.

The strokes are a little less

In 2020 , Velkopolskie voivodeship reported 479 fewer hospital strokes due to stroke than last year. If you compare the monthly admissions to hospitals in 2019-2020, you can see the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic – a decline in April and November last year. In previous years, in these months, we have seen a decrease in the number of diagnosed strokes, but not so obvious.

In the Greater Voivodeship, the largest number of stroke hospitalizations was recorded in 2020 through the provincial hospital in Poznan – 780. However, a slight decrease in the number of strokes was observed , not all hospitals were affected during the year . For example, in Kalish and Pila, which are the second and third largest in the region in this classification, more patients were treated than in 2019. In the church 605 were hospitalized for stroke (584 compared to the previous year), in Pilates – 583 (against 550 in 2019).