The right to choose a hospital


The patient has the right to choose a hospital that has a contract with the National Health Fund in a particular region, throughout Poland. Referral to the hospital can be made by any doctor or paramedic. A doctor who is not a health insurance doctor can also be admitted to the hospital.      If the purpose of treatment can not be achieved on an outpatient basis, you will be referred to a hospital.

The hospital provides registration on the basis of an application, in particular: in person, by phone or through a third party.In an emergency, health care is provided without a referral if medical care is not provided and health or life may be harmed.The hospitalized patient must have an identity document (for example, an identity card, passport, etc.) to identify the patient and confirm that he is entitled to medical insurance at the hospital.

The doctor who sends the patient to the hospital must provide the results of the necessary diagnostic tests and consultations with a referral. as well as all relevant information about the specialist or inpatient treatment performed so far.

If it is not possible to hospitalize the patient on the reporting day, the patient is put on the waiting list. The order in the list is determined by the hospital on the basis of registrations. The patient then informs the patient in writing about the date of service and motivates the reasons for choosing this day.

If the patient’s health deteriorates, which indicates the need for early treatment (from the agreed date), a new hospitalization date will be set. In case of unforeseen circumstances when determining the date of reception, the service provider shall inform the patient about the new date of service by all possible means.   

If the patient is discharged or unable to come on the agreed date, he must immediately notify the hospital. The above rules do not apply to patients with sudden health or life-threatening conditions.

Extensive treatment

During the treatment in the hospital, the service provider is obliged to provide the insured with the necessary diagnostic tests, medications related to the course of hospitalization, the reasons for which hospitalization, as well as medical devices. When the patient is in the hospital diagnostic recipes, universal access to drugs available in pharmacies, medical instruments and accessory is prohibited to provide anatomical (for example, diaper pants or diapers).

Completion of hospitalization

Upon completion of treatment in the hospital, as well as after the service in the emergency department or emergency room of the hospital, the patient is provided with an information card and, if provided: referral to health care, prescriptions for medicines, order orthopedic devices and equipment and transportation.