The patient’s right to information

  1. The patient or his legal representative of the health status of a physician, diagnosis, and diagnostic and treatment methods , use them or skip the forecast for the expected results of the treatment, the consequences of exceptions, the right to information is available on .
  2. The doctor can be released from this duty only at the request of the patient.
  3. The doctor may transfer the above information to other persons only with the consent of the patient.

Explanation: Medical records are not only information about the creation, but also a reference for future investigation and treatment. Therefore, it is important to obtain all possible information (test results and characteristics, laboratory test results, the doctor’s interpretation of the medical information analyzed, the description of diagnostic and surgical procedures, etc.).

In the case of handwritten medical information, if there are difficulties in reading it, the patient has the right to request written information so that the content is not in doubt by the reader. If the attending physician requires prior medical information from the attending physician, he or she must make it available for the benefit of the patient.