Treatment of coronavirus: COVID-19 with respiratory failure


Usually the second week of the disease and the patient’s condition requires hospitalization.¬†Deterioration of the condition despite antiviral therapy may be manifested by an increase in respiratory failure and a decrease in saturation of less than 90%, despite the use of oxygen therapy.¬†At this stage of the disease, “cytokine storm” plays a key role.

Therapy: The main treatment includes tokilizumab (after approval by the Bioethics Committee, increased IL-6 levels, 8 mg / kg intravenously, but can be used in a single dose of up to 800 mg; if there is no improvement, the second dose is repeated after 8-12 hours) or / and dexamethasone (8 mg intravenously daily for 5 days, then 4 mg daily for at least 3 days)

Supportive care includes low molecular weight heparins (prophylactic or therapeutic doses), potential antibiotic therapy, symptomatic therapy, oxygen therapy (low / high flow), and hydration (orally or intravenously).