If your health requires treatment or diagnostic tests that are not currently performed in institutions in Poland, you can request a referral for such treatment / examination abroad. You can do the planned treatment in any specialized institution (both public and private) abroad. However, this treatment should be among the guaranteed services in Poland and its implementation should be necessary to improve your health or save your life. If your application is approved, we will reimburse the requested treatment costs.

  1. Selection of the application

The application is given in accordance with Annex 2 to the Regulations on the consent of the Minister of Health. EXAMPLE OF APPLICATION № 2018-04-21 It is necessary to speak in the certificate.

  1. Fill out the application

The application must be completed by you and your doctor in accordance with the requirements of the Law “On Benefits”. Fill in Part IB, Parts II and VI of the application and sign the required fields. They can complete these parts of the application on your behalf:

  • legal representative,
  • husband,
  • family member or relative of the second degree in a straight line,
  • cohabitant

The person authorized by you – in this case, attach a power of attorney to the application. Then send the application to the doctor to complete Part III of the application. The doctor who will send you for treatment abroad must:    health insurance company or colloquially “need treatment in the National Health Fund”

(According to the definition: a health insurer is a health care provider who has an agreement with the National Health Fund on the provision of medical care or a doctor who works or works with a health care provider contracted by the National Health Fund.)

the title of a specialist of the second degree or a specialist in the field of specific medicine, depending on the volume of medical or diagnostic research in demand; a specialist with the academic title of professor or a qualified doctor of medical sciences or academic degree of doctor of medical sciences. «

  1. Add attachments

To the application: copy of medical records (in relation to the requested amount of treatment), Polish translation of medical records – if it is in a foreign language (the translator does not need to be an interpreter of the oath).

  1. Apply with the appendix

The application with attachments should be submitted to the head office of UFZ, st. Rakovetska 26/30, 02-528 Warsaw. You can also apply in the form of an electronic document with a qualified electronic signature, personal signature or trusted signature. You can digitize the required attachments.

  1. Explanatory proceedings

The purpose of the procedure is to confirm the aggregation of the following conditions:

  • medical or diagnostic tests are not allowed in the country,
  • treatment is a guaranteed benefit, ie included in the list of guaranteed services,
  • The treatment is necessary to improve health or save the patient’s life.
  • As a result of the investigation, the president of the National Health Fund decides whether to send him for treatment or diagnostic tests.

If you indicate in the application a request to reimburse the cost of delivery to a place of treatment abroad, the President of the National Health Fund will decide whether to agree / refuse to cover them with the same decision.Pay attention! If you are going for treatment with the approval of the President of the National Health Fund and you need to be transported to your home country after treatment due to your health, you can ask for the cost of a return to Poland. The application is given in accordance with Annex 3 to the Regulations on the consent of the Minister of Health.

  1. Appeal against the decision

The decision of the President of the National Health Fund is final – you can not appeal it.If you do not agree with the decision, you can appeal to the administrative judge. The deadline for filing a complaint is 30 days after the decision.