Changes in health care


The competition for leaders in the field of health care was held on September 22. VBHC leaders. Out of 56 applications, the jury evaluated medical organizations that develop practices aimed at improving health outcomes and improving patient practice, in particular, based on the value of health care (VBHC). VBHC leaders are a joint initiative of Walters Kluiver Polska and Lazarsky University.

In the third competition this year, hospitals and medical institutions submitted 56 projects

initiatives in the field:

  • Quality management – process management,
  • Quality management – patient safety management,
  • Quality management – management of medical efficiency,
  • Human capital management,
  • Patient-friendly organization,

Effective prevention and education.

The purpose of the competition is to promote the highest standards in the management of medical organizations, including quality control of health care, optimization of safety and effectiveness of treatment, strengthening teamwork and prevention of increased efficiency. and education.

This competition is a great opportunity to show that there are many great organizations and teams in Poland that work to improve the patient experience. This year, the competition has been fierce and there are many projects that need to be promoted in the expanded forum, as they outperform systemic solutions in setting health standards based on the quality of services provided, ”said Kluwer Polska of Wolters, Strategic Director and Board Member.

Winners in 6 nominations

Nominees and winners were selected by two independent bodies: section and pre-selection jury, which includes experts from the medical market, including representatives of the public administration, corporate organizations and foundations.

  1. Quality management – process management:

Dr. Burn Treatment Center. In the project of Stanislav Sakiel Siemianovice Śl жобskie: optimization of the work of the main hospital staff in the operating room and quality delivery to the patient

  1. Quality management – patient safety management

University Clinical Center in Gdansk: Adverse Case Monitoring

  1. Quality management – management of medical efficiency

№2 University Hospital in Bydgoszcz . Dr. Jan Biziel: Dissemination of the principles of rational antibiotic therapy in the hospital

  1. Human capital management

Dr. Stanislav Sakiel Burn Treatment Center – Simyanovice Śląskie: Introduction of “doctor-doctor” visual control methods

  1. Patient-friendly organization

Lord Transformation Clinical Hospital of Carol Marcinkowski University in Poznan : Opiekuna Academy

  1. Effective prevention and education

Institute of Physiology and Hearing Pathology for the project: Audit screening program for first-year students of Mazowieckie Voivodeship in the 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 academic years

Online conference with experts

The gala was preceded by an online conference “Changes in health care” under the motto “Transformation of the system of payment for results – health-based practice in practice.”