The development of effective health policy


“Quality is a fundamental concept that needs to be discussed in the areas of change in health care. (…) However, it is not only about clinical quality, but also about two additional aspects: the care of the person who is in contact with the health care system and the management of medical organizations, “said Minister Adam Nidzielsky. opening of the conference. .

“In order to ensure good organization of periodic care, we first had to clearly describe the whole process, taking into account the specifics of the work of all participating doctors. Once that happened, we were able to work with the entire emergency department to coordinate periprocessive care, ”said Mariusz Novak, MD, PhD, Director of the Burn Treatment Center, in the competition. Dr. Stanislav Sakiel, Simianovice Śląskie.

List of winners in each category

Quality management – process management:

Dr. Burn Treatment Center. In the project of Stanislav Sakiel Siemianovice Śl жобskie: optimization of the work of the main hospital staff in the operating room and quality delivery to the patient

  • Quality management – patient safety management
  • University Clinical Center in Gdansk: Adverse Case Monitoring
  • Quality management – management of medical efficiency

№2 University Hospital in Bydgoszcz . Dr. Jan Biziel: Dissemination of the principles of rational antibiotic therapy in the hospital  

Human capital management 

Dr. Stanislav Sakiel Burn Treatment Center – Simyanovice Śląskie: Introduction of “doctor-doctor” visual control methods

  • Patient-friendly organization
  • Lord Transformation Clinical Hospital of Carol Marcinkowski University in Poznan : Opiekuna Academy

Effective prevention and education 

Institute of Physiology and Hearing Pathology for the project: Audit screening program for first-year students of Mazowieckie Voivodeship in the 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 academic years. In an upcoming issue of Puls Medycyny, Dr. Malgorzata Galezka-Sobotka, a member of the jury, tells about the idea of ​​the competition.