Improve the quality of medical services and patient safety


Despite some imperfections in the civil liability insurance system, efforts seem to be needed to disseminate it, as this is beneficial to both health facilities and patients. Patient safety is ensured by the fact that the patient has the opportunity to receive compensation in case of errors or omissions made by the health care institution.

The security of a health care facility is guaranteed by the fact that any reimbursement costs will be borne by the insurer.  In order to constantly improve the quality of medical services and patient safety, a hospital accreditation program is being implemented, which contributes to the improvement of hospital operations and patient safety.

In May of this year. The Council of Europe has adopted a Recommendation on “Patient Safety Management and Prevention of Negative Health Situations”. Rec (2006) 7. The proposal was prepared by leading experts from 14 countries, including Poland. Previous studies in European countries have confirmed that only a small proportion of “adverse events” are harmful to health, and even fewer are caused by so-called “medical errors.”

The topic of the above proposal is a proposal to develop a patient safety strategy in each European country, including the method of reporting and recording adverse health events. He assumes that mistakes are the result of human error and can be avoided by changing working conditions and introducing protective mechanisms .

Currently, under the draft law on amendments to the Law on Public Financing in the Field of Health and some other laws, the Department of Health proposes to change the nature of civil liability insurance of health care providers to make them mandatory in accordance with insurance rules. An insurance company that concludes an insurance contract in groups as a result of this agreement, including compulsory insurance as part of its insurance activities, may not refuse to purchase such insurance.

Having said the above, I would like to assure you that alternative proposals, especially in the context of drafting a law on the health care system, will be the subject of further analysis.