Maintain a safety culture


Promoting these behaviors within the organization allows for the formation and maintenance of a culture of safety, thus laying the groundwork for concrete action by reducing risks that improve the quality and safety of patient care. These principles create an ecosystem for the implementation of more advanced solutions aimed at building an organizational culture in terms of security. A useful tool is the introduction of universal quality standards, such as ISO or CMJ accreditation, which significantly standardizes activities and improves communication.

Medical facilities safe and supported the initiative for the formation of organizational culture among employees, especially security risk areas arising from the relationship requires the participation of top management to develop high enough . Top management can influence the creation of a safe organizational culture:

  • development of open relations aimed at ensuring security;
  • allowing employees to carry out educational activities,
  • empowering staff to identify hazards and risks,
  • guaranteeing sufficient resources for the implementation of the above areas.