Quality of Medical Care and Patient Safety


Adverse events are a problem for doctors to report on the data collection system. Due to the lack of adequate legal protection, there is no direct involvement of patients or events , due to which the tendency to report incidents does not pose a threat to the patient, there is a personal physician falls due to improper functioning of the physician. equipment. There are also no reports of inappropriate pharmacotherapy (eg confusion over medication, patient, dose, route of administration, or timing of administration). Probably, a significant part of the events are not reported for fear of legal consequences.

Events that affect or may affect the health of patients should be analyzed in detail, and the findings should be incorporated into clinical practice and the organization of work in a particular department. The results of the accreditation system show that hospitals have not sufficiently implemented the findings of the analysis of adverse events. About 20% of hospitals subject to accreditation do not meet the standards for the implementation of the results of the analysis.

Every year about 7.6 million patients were hospitalized in the Republic of Poland boljansaq . (2015 ), excluding the costs of adverse events associated with HOSPITALIZATION (National Health Fund and the Social Security Fund) may be about 2.6 billion PLN.

According to a study conducted in the European Union, 12% of hospitalizations are due to adverse effects on health, pensions and rehabilitation benefits, of which 70% can be avoided.Forecasts for the project come from January 2017.