World Patient Safety Day


Today, September 17, 2019, for the first time in history, World Patient Safety Day is celebrated. The holiday was established by the World Health Organization in May this year to focus on improving the quality of treatment and patient safety in hospitals, clinics and other institutions that care for the health and well-being of patients. .

It is very important in the work of medical institutions to improve patient care, quality of medical services and safety of diagnosis and treatment. Patient safety during treatment is a priority and related issues are monitored by the World Health Organization. Numerous studies in the field of health care around the world show that 10% -12% of patients are injured as a result of the use of health services, and 15% of hospital costs are spent on this damage. In many cases, adverse events can be considered “preventable”. In Poland, issues related to measures aimed at improving the quality of medical services are addressed by the Health Observatory, which operates as a division of the Ministry of Health.

By marking World Patient Safety Day, the World Health Organization seeks to draw attention to a global problem and to improve the safety and security of patients around the world.