The Ministry of Health presented a draft hypothesis for the draft law on the quality of medical care and patient safety. Designers point out that the optimization of medical processes requires a systematic approach to quality. Adequately organized quality management, operating at both individual levels of health (internal quality management systems) and at the system level (external quality management systems), will improve the performance of the system and, consequently, increase health security and social satisfaction.

The future law should specify the following :       

  • principles and methods of operation of the authorization system for entities engaged in medical services, providing health care services financed from public funds,
  • principles and methods of operation of the system of control of adverse events,
  • principles and methods of operation of the system of control of clinical quality indicators aimed at monitoring and evaluating the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of medical services provided at public expense;
  • rules of operation of internal quality and safety control systems of medical entities operating hospitals;
  • principles, organization and tasks of the Agency for Health Quality and Patient Safety;
  • Principles, organization and tasks of the Accreditation Council;
  • rules and procedures for granting and obtaining accreditation;
  • Principles of creation and maintenance of medical cards of the Agency;
  • principles of quality control and control of patient quality and safety;
  • principles and procedures for differentiating the level of public health financing in accordance with the quality of services provided.