Hospitals on the safety of patients


Medical institutions have never had such a thorough examination. Any case of damage to health during hospitalization will be included in a special register, Dziennik Gazeta Prawna reported on Wednesday (December 6).   

In addition, it will be necessary to control the quality of treatment in hospitals. This is the result of a bill on the quality of health care and patient safety, which will be consulted soon.

“Improperly regulated doses of the drug, the appearance of unwanted bacteria, the duration of treatment is too short or too short, as well as medical errors – these data are officially taken into account by institutions. Hospital staff will be required to record similar incidents in the register of adverse events, ie injuries, as well as information about significant events will be reported to the Ministry of Health and sent to the Special Agency for Health Quality and Patient Safety.

For non-monitoring, the hospital will be fined, the amount of which has not yet been determined. Under the prognosis of changes, patients should have access to registration data, for example, through the hospital’s website. This possible provision has not yet been included in the bill.