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Poster to prompt patients to bring their list of medications with them to Wexford General Hospital and outpatient clinics

Contact information:

Wexford General Hospital, New Town Road, Wexford
(tool submitted by Health Information and Quality Authority)
Elaine O'Connor,           

Originally developed by:

Wexford General Hospital (initiative of Drugs and Therapeutics Committee)

Country of origin:


Year of development:


Next update:


Available in the following languages:


Type of tool: tool for promotion of a safety culture, tool for information of patients and relatives

Short description

Poster to prompt service users to bring/provide a complete list of current medication - displayed in admission and OPD areas of Wexford General Hospital and version provided to primary care (community) setting also. Both posters are attached.

Target audience

service  users in hospital and primary care settings

Applicability (setting e.g. inpatient care, outpatient care, long term care etc.)

WGH Poster to prompt Medication List 2012

Strengths and limitations

Limitations: baseline compliance not measured prior to implementation; impact not measured since implementation.

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