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Medication plan for patients

Contact information:

Agency for Quality in Medicine, Germany
Liat Fishman,

Originally developed by:

Working group "Medication Safety" of the German Coalition for Patient Safety

Country of origin:


Year of development:


Last updated:

No information available

Next update:

No information available

Available in the following languages:


Reason for not fulfilling the requirements:

Not available in English

Type of tool: tool for information of patients and relatives

Short description

The medication plan is a form for documenting the minimal information needed for safely prescribing medications. It is carried by the patient to ensure he/she is familiar with his/her medications and that all relevant medication information is available whenever medications are prescribed.

Target audience

patients and their prescribers, pharmacists

Applicability (setting e.g. inpatient care, outpatient care, long term care etc.)

all settings where patients are prescribed medications

Information on how the tool has been applied/tested in practice

The medication plan was disseminated via the German Coalition for Patient Safety. It is freely available on its website ( The extent to which the form is used in routine care is unclear.

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