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2-254 / National Clinical Audits and Clinical Outcome Review Programmes

United Kingdom
GOP Information  
Organisation sharing the GOP
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Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership


Quality management system
Audit system
Assessment of risk and harm
GOP Description
Implementation level
Clinical settings
All hospitals in England and Wales
focus on clinical outcomes;
provides meaningful data and feedback to give clinicians the information to stimulate quality improvement;
publish information about quality of care to make more health data available to patients

Different for each audit
see website

Dependent on relevant audit.

Audit and re-audit cycle managed by HQIP.
Timeframe implementation
Rolling programme with annual reviews
Implementation tools available
• Supported LHBs and Trusts to improve their performance in National Clinical Audits and Outcome Reviews
• Required LHBs and Trusts to appoint a clinical lead for each of the NCA’s and Outcome Reviews
• Agreed Annual National Clinical Audit and Outcome Review Plans
• Held all Wales Annual Workshops (in collaboration with 1000 Lives Plus)
• Issued NCA&OR eBulletins with information on published reports and future plans
• Placed information on the Governance eManual website
• Developed a standard for all LHBs and Trusts to use for both internal and external assurance
• Provided support and information from audits to be published on the Welsh Government “My Local Health Service” website
• Met with all LHBs and Velindre NHS Trust to discuss NCA&OR activities and plans
Implementation cost
Method used to measure the results
• Transparency (My Local Health Service –
• Repeat audits
Please see attached documents Annual NCA&OR Plan and Annual NCA&OR Report
Analysis of the results

Please see attached documents Annual NCA&OR Plan and Annual NCA&OR Report
Implementation barriers
Did you find implementation barriers?
Please describe implementation barriers
There is no specified text here
Describe the strategies used to overcome the barriers (If needed)
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Other information
Other information about the GOP that you would like to add (Link or attached document)
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Contact information
Name: Teresa Bridge
Position/function: Patient Safety and Experience Lead
Department: Health, Social Services and Children
Organisation: Welsh Government
City: Cardiff
Country: United Kingdom
Region: Wales
Phone: 029 20826797
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